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PCP technology

You have probably already found yourself in an unpleasant situation when you parked in a parking garage, right? Indeed, most of the parking garages have many pillars and walls, which are very exposed and, therefore, pose a threat to cause damage to your car when parking.


Our company P Marketing Ltd. is specialized in marketing, marketing solutions, and marketing communications in the parking garages. The company has a distributorship for Pillar Car Protector (PCP) for Slovenia, Austria and Serbia.


PCP is a new way of advertising on pillars and walls in parking garages and has been a great success in countries of European Union for the last four years.

It represents the only way of advertising that offers added value - safety segment, which is also patented:


  • special patented foam (not flammable, does not absorb water) is placed around the pillars / walls, it prevents scratches / damage on the cars and at the same time offers advertising space;
  • it is a completely new way of advertising that primarily offers safe parking and by that provides an easier and more pleasant parking experience for visitors.